Hydraulic Top Link Kits

Fully assembled kits - ready to plug in and work!

If you're on this page, you probably already know how useful a hydraulic top link is - from adjusting your box blade or scraper, using pallet forks, to making it a snap it attach implements with a quick-hitch, these cylinders get the job done.

Each kit comes fully assembled with:

  • Hydraulic top link cylinder with swivel ball ends

  • 36" hydraulic hoses

  • ½" Pioneer male couplers

**Length measurements of center-of-pin to center-of-pin

Fit-Rite Hydraulics
TL8in w ruler
TL8in w ruler

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Category 1
8" Travel

  • 2" Diameter Hydraulic Cylinder

  • 18½" Retracted Length

  • 26½" Extended Length

  • ¾" Pin Diameter 


Category 1
10" Travel

  • 2½" Diameter Hydraulic Cylinder

  • 21¾" Retracted Length

  • 31¾" Extended Length

  • ¾" Pin Diameter 


TL10in w words.jpeg

Category 2
8" Travel

  • 3" Diameter Hydraulic Cylinder

  • 21⅞" Retracted Length

  • 29⅞" Extended Length

  • 1" Pin Diameter


TLCat2 8in w words.jpeg

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