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Remote Hydraulics Kit for John Deere Tractors

Want to get more functionality from your John Deere tractor?  In just 30 minutes, you can have a remote hydraulic kit installed, ready to run a top link, bucket grapple, log splitter, or any other hydraulic implement.

This simple kit takes advantage of the loader valve already installed on your tractor, and adds a valve to select a third function.   No electrical or hydraulic modifications required.  Simple plug & play installation - this is the simplest, most affordable way to add a remote hydraulic function.

JD Video Still2.jpg

As an organic vegetable farm, we demanded a lot from our equipment.  When we needed a hydraulic top link to adjust our implements, I got a quote from the dealer - $1500 - really?  There are other ideas out there for $900+, and you have to figure out the hoses and electrical install.   This affordable kit comes fully assembled, and plugs in - you'll be back to working in 30 minutes!

This kit has been successfully installed on over 250 tractors new and old, big and small.  You can save big $ and have added functionality - In just minutes!!!

See compatibility guide below

JD 3xxx Econ
JD4k Quick Couplers


Can be adapted to almost any tractor, new or old, that has a loader installed.  For some tractors, I'll need you to send me pictures of the loader hookups to be sure to get you the right fittings. 

Included in the kit:

  • Load-holding selector valve, fully assembled with all fittings and hoses

  • Pioneer 4000-series quick-connect couplings

    • Standard Ag fittings, for compatibility with most implements

    • 2-way, for breakaway function and one-handed push-to-connect

  • Breakaway Coupler Mount

  • Quick couplers on supply and output (Plug & Play)

  • Full written photo instructions

Adding a Hydraulic Top Link?

Made in the U.S. 
Sized right for your tractor.
Free shipping!

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Quick-Coupler Kit
Free Shipping
Installs in 30 min

Simply unplug your loader connections, plug this in to each side of the connection, and mount the valve and remote bracket.  You'll be back to working, with increased functions, in no time! 

Works with tractors that have 4 quick-couplers between the loader valve and cylinders.  You will still be able to remove the loader by the quick-couplers, and have remote functions.

Threaded Connections Kit
Free Shipping
Installs in 45 min

Compatible with E series newer tractors, and many older tractors that don't have quick-remove loaders.

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