About Us

Andy grew up tending a big garden with his grandpa and brother, selling vegetables at their roadside stand, boy-scouting, and tinkering with whatever goodies he could find in his parents’ fleet of trash trucks.

I started forming the dream of farming while living on a small farm in Iowa, then the dream cemented itself while working as a volunteer in Bolivia for 3 years, building water systems and latrines. 


About The Farm

Peace of Prairie Farm sits on 22 acres just outside of Muskogee, Oklahoma.  A portion of the land held a drive-in movie theater in the 50s and 60s, then served as horse pasture in the following decades.  The drive-in theater left behind a concrete pad where the projection house once stood, which we’ve repurposed to serve as the floor of our barn, and about a dozen parking berms forming concentric circles across a portion of our property, which we are slowly turning into a fruit orchard. 

We began the farm in 2013 with a quarter-acre of vegetables and a half dozen laying hens.  Since then, we’ve grown slowly, expanding the vegetable operation to two acres, including two high-tunnels, laying flock of 100 hens, and adding a bee yard.  From the start, we have set out to produce high quality food for local markets, using only organic methods.  We focus on building overall soil health through crop rotations, cover crops, and natural sources of fertility like manure and compost.  At the heart of the decision to grow organically is this: we expect to live on this land for the rest of our lives, and so we want to grow healthy, high-quality, and tasty food using practices that will enhance the productivity of our land over time.

In 2017, we added solar panels that provide over 80% of the electricity for our house and farm - pumping water, refrigeration, and even charging our primary vehicle - a Chevy Volt.

Organic Certification

Peace of Prairie has been certified organic since 2014.  The certification process requires strict record-keeping, a yearly fee, and a yearly inspection by a USDA authorized agent.  For customers who feel strongly about the importance of organic methods, or those who are concerned about chemicals on their vegetables, this certification provides peace of mind.  From our perspective, it forces us to pay closer attention to the details of our operation, which is never a bad thing.  Also, while we try to hold ourselves to an even higher standard of land stewardship than organic regulations require, the term "organic" is a quick way to communicate to new customers that our produce is chemical-free.

Organic Agriculture


•Living, Active Soil         •No Chemical Fertilizers

•Healthy Plants              •No Chemical Pesticides

•Thriving Ecosystems     •No Worries 

View our USDA Organic Certification here: